• Mauricio Paim, over 2 years ago

    Congrats on the release, even tough I don't have the need now, I appreaciate copy being taken more seriously and in a colaborative way.

    Feedback on the landing page. The fact that the window is not centered with the button gives me a bad feeling. https://cl.ly/0i1m3u3b360o

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  • Vipul. Mishra, over 2 years ago

    Hello DNers, finally it's here. It was difficult but we made it happen for you.

    After hundreds of hours of user research, designing & coding and testing on over thousands of artboards, Scribble is finally out for public beta. Get your Free trial

    Thanks for all love and support and, enjoy seamless collaboration between UI design /copy. I can't emphasis enough how HUGE this issue is around the design practices globally.

    It's been quite exciting to solve this problem - would love to hear your feedback/bugs/improvements as they come in the below comments.. :)

    DN Exclusive: Write a blog post, video review, Medium article for Scribble and get 3-months as a small token of thanks and get upto 40% discount on monthly subscriptions.

    Get your Free trial

    Most of you who contributed to private beta, kept it to yourself, thank you. Now it is time to share the love for Scribble. Go ahead share it on Twitter, Facebook.

    See you in below comment.

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    • Jens Roels, over 2 years ago

      Hi I've tested it and found it very usefull.

      Some questions: - Will you support symbol with overrides - Any way to indicate which layers in sketch have been updated? When someone changes copy you need to visualy check everything to make sure nothing is broken.

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      • Vipul. MishraVipul. Mishra, over 2 years ago

        Hi Jens, thanks a lot for giving it a swing.

        Yes, a more comprehensive support for symbol is on the way. Also, we are releasing version control in Scribble ( with list of changes ) for you to review latest changes real quick.

        I have sent you an email to learn more from your experience.

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