Best tool for micro-interactions to work with Figma?

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So I switched from Sketch to Figma for the UI work. I was wondering what do you guys prefer for prototyping and micro-interactions. While working with Sketch, I used Principle (since we could directly import the files). However, I could not find any app that provides direct integration with Figma.

What process do you guys follow? Import it as a SVG in some app?


  • Pol KuijkenPol Kuijken, 1 year ago

    Haiku also has Figma API integration, but when I tested it a while ago it didn't work very well.

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    • Artur Eldib, 1 year ago


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    • Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, 1 year ago

      It doesn't work at all :(

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    • Karl Jiang, 1 year ago

      Hey Pol, Figma engineer here. Sorry to hear the Haiku integration isn't working for you. What exactly isn't working?

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    • Taylor PoeTaylor Poe, 1 year ago

      We (Haiku) were one of the very first adopters of Figma's new API. Many issues have been fixed since the initial release and subsequent first few weeks. Would love for you to give it another shot and let us know if you're still tripping over any loose ends.

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      • Michael RurkaMichael Rurka, 1 year ago

        Hi Haiku, I'm trying it out now! Been looking for a Figma counterpart. Feel like this should be more well known in the Figma community. Many are still lamenting that we don't have an equivalent for Principle.

        EDIT: It works.

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  • Teodor DecuTeodor Decu, 1 year ago

    Haiku is kinda cool -- https://www.haiku.ai/blog/figma-haiku-integration-delivering-motion/

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  • Nadia SOTNIKOVA, 1 year ago

    Framer integrates with Figma.

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  • Emanuel SerbanoiuEmanuel Serbanoiu, 1 year ago

    Framer has Figma integration (taking advantage of the new API) if I'm not mistaken.

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  • Artur Eldib, 1 year ago

    I heard atomic works well - curious to know the workflow

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  • Robin GoyalRobin Goyal, 1 year ago

    My question is why did you move to figma from sketch? Is it better than sketch?

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    • Manase Fidimalala, 1 year ago

      It is multi-platform

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    • Andrew Richardson, 1 year ago

      It depends. Do you rely on certain plugins that 3rd party developers create for Sketch? If so Sketch is probably still great for you. If not then Figma is arguably an improvement, there's almost nothing Sketch does natively that Figma doesn't do better. Plus it's free at the base level so give it a shot.

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    • Abhishek Sharma, 1 year ago



      • Multi-platform
      • Easy Sharing, everything in the cloud
      • The pen tool is way better.
      • Prototyping is smoother.


      • No Plugins as of now
      • Doesn't work offline
      • Doesn't work with principle
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