• Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, 2 years ago

    Here’s the thing... I actually signed up for drift a while back and got these emails. But I signed up so randomly I completely forgot what drift even was. So when I got these emails, I immediately just deleted them because my time is valuable and I didn’t have a solid enough connection with the product to look back into it.

    I think these emails could benefit from a value statement or a quick reminder of what the product is/does, so potential users like myself wouldn’t just ignore them.

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    • Laura NoodaperaLaura Noodapera, 2 years ago

      i totally agree. value proposition and maybe even the main features should be definitely introduced to provide something worthwhile.

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      • Etienne Garbugli, 2 years ago

        100% agree. It seems like they almost assume that the people that signup know them and know what they're really about. Definitely a good idea to remind people of the value you provide and why they signed up. Awesome feedback. :-)

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  • Jay Ramirez, over 2 years ago

    Excellent resource! Having created a bunch of email designs I think this post really captures the artifacts that most people overlook. While reallygoodemails.com is a good site I think this definitely nails the idea down of picking out best practices on all things relating to the email aside from just the overall look and feel.

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    • , 2 years ago

      Awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed the content. I agree, reallygoodemails.com is really good for examples and inspiration, but I think there are a lot more things that go into creating high-performing emails (copy, structure, ctas, etc). :-)

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  • , over 2 years ago

    Author of the post here - happy to answer any questions. This one was really surprising to us.

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