• Account deleted 2 years ago

    Not feeling this one. Colour picker is pretty pointless and the site itself doesn't really excite like stripe's designs normally do.

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    • Karol StefańskiKarol Stefański, 2 years ago

      You know it's related to the "press" part of the name, right? Gimmick, but adds a nice touch to overall context.

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      • Account deleted 2 years ago

        Yeah I figured that one out.

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  • Scott Graham, 2 years ago

    I like color picker / changer on the left hand side. Useless but fun !

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  • Kirill ZubovskyKirill Zubovsky, 2 years ago

    Love how in the most simple and the most complex things Stripe team is able to deliver a well though-through and exceptionally executed product.

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