• James Young, 4 years ago

    I hate to say but this is needlessly confusing. I think - based on clicking on stuff - that you're somewhere that has various devices people can visit and use for testing - but it's really difficult to understand this from the site.

    You have a clear and useful offering and finding you should be easy - you don't need to hide this behind a story or scrolling in my opinion.

    You could practically make it a single viewport sized page on most screens and your message would be stronger and clearer and I hope generate more interest.

    Also worth noting that when I clicked a few buttons and got nowhere, I tried to refresh I couldn't get back to the original start point / homepage.

    Hope that helps - good luck building the device lab, they're really useful even when emulators like Browserstack are getting better. It's easy to forget the tactile element of testing on small screens by holding a physical device and not clicking a small screen version in an emulator.

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    • Rafaela Ferro, 4 years ago

      Hello! First of all, thank you for your feedback. It's always good to get such a complete review on our work, specially coming from "fresh eyes".

      I agree this page seems a bit of an overkill, however the reason why we're not being so straight forward about the lab itself is because it is not yet operational. So, this page was a way for us to present the project and introduce the concept of device labs to our tech community in an early stage (here on DN is out of context which probably makes it more confusing).

      Once the lab is ready, we're going to put live the platform for people to schedule the testing sessions, which will be simply functional and way less confusing. You're point however is still valid and we have to think about it; we don't want people knocking on our door before the lab is ready.

      Again, thank your review!

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