• Vince RenfroVince Renfro, 8 months ago

    Doesn't work on mobile

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    • Matej Latin, 8 months ago

      No, sorry. It's too tricky to get all the cards on a small screen and still have the fonts large enough to recognize them :(

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  • James LaneJames Lane, 8 months ago

    I got a couple of bugs:

    • Cards would stay turned over.
    • When finishing, the time and moves overlapped each other in the modal that popped up.

    Edit: I was trying to play it quite quick.

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    • Matej LatinMatej Latin, 8 months ago

      Thanks for taking the time to report these. Others have reported cards staying opened and I already tried to fix it. Can you do a hard refresh and see if it still happens?

      Could you send me a screenshot of the overlapping to hello@matejlatin.co.uk please?

      Cheers, Matej

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