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I've gotten 6 total hours of sleep in the past week. I'm too mad to appreciate the irony.


  • Ken Em, 7 months ago

    How is this related to Designer News?

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  • Romain Sourdiaux, 7 months ago

    use headspace, it works like magic

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  • Brendan Appe, 7 months ago

    Is there something stressing you out we could help with? Otherwise I'd suggest talking to your doctor.

    Hang in there. Many of us have gone through similar spells of sleeplessness.

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  • Emanuel SerbanoiuEmanuel Serbanoiu, 7 months ago

    All these designers, no one asks our definitory question


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  • Joe Baker, 7 months ago

    Oliva hasn't checked back in a day. We can only hope she is happily asleep.

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  • payzant morrowpayzant morrow, 7 months ago

    Insomnia sucks (I've battled it on and off for the past few years) but with a solid plan in hand and the right mindset in place you can totally manage it.

    If I had to share one tip, it would be the following. Don't lie asleep in bed awake. Your brain will begin to associate your bed with being frustrated and awake. Get up and read for a bit. Do some stretching/yoga. Listen to a podcast.

    If it's getting you down and becoming seemingly unmanageable, PM me and I can try to point you to more resources. Just know that there are others out there who deal with this too. :\

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  • olivia davis, 7 months ago

    Thanks for your comments guys. I really appreciate your help. I know that my post has no connection to Designer News but Im a designer myself.. who has actually been tired of insomnia..

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    • Alexandru NăstaseAlexandru Năstase, 7 months ago

      You're brave posting this! Congrats. More and more designers suffer from affections like Insomnia but people don't bother to discuss it because it is not "design related".

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  • Colleen Beach, 7 months ago

    Have you tried the Sleep with Me podcast? I know a few people who've found it pretty helpful.

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  • George Brown, 7 months ago

    if you already set the branding and colours etc, turn on the night shift. It really helps.

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  • P GP G, 7 months ago

    If it's work stress related, it's not worth it. Your health comes first, and the older you get the more you realize its importance. Take a break. Go for a walk, go work out, exhaust your body and then sleep with no alarm clock.

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  • Cory MalnarickCory Malnarick, 7 months ago

    Why do you suffer from insomnia? What is your particular 'flavor?'

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  • Andu PotoracAndu Potorac, 7 months ago


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