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  • Jared Erondu, 5 years ago

    Hey, everyone! We’ve organized all the content on Playbook into Collections, making it easier for you to discover actionable ways to achieve your career goals.

    Today we're launching two:

    • Design Management (thanks to Google Design for supporting)
    • Being New to Design

    This is the first in a series of awesome features we have coming. We're focusing on:

    1. Goals: Your careers goals can range from getting your first internship to dealing with burnout (and everything in between). We'll create community-driven collections for each.

    2. Accountability: As you discover relevant action items, Playbook will help you stay on top of the things you said you wanted to try.

    3. Community: There are many ppl trying to achieve the same goals as you. Why do it alone? Collections will help connect you online & IRL.

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