Should I go for Master's degree in Interaction Design?

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Hi there!

My background: I'm fresh graduate of part-time bachelor marketing communication programme. During my studies I started working as a UX/UI designer. By now I have about 3 years work experience. Today I know that I want to exclusively focus on developing&working in the field of User experience design.

I'm heading a big decision whether I should/shouldn't go for Master's degree in Interaction Design.

Note: As I am from Czech Republic, there are no posibilities to study anything related do User experience design. So I would study somewhere in Western Europe. After my studies I would like to move&work abroad, most likely to Germany or Switzerland as there are good opportunities and compensation. (I'm beginner in German language, so it's another challenge for me t make it fluent). If I don't go studying, I would move now, but I am not shure if I will bring enough value for future employers.