• Kris Morgan, 13 days ago

    I'm on the team making Relay. We were pretty stoked to see this show up here today all on its own! Thanks Daniel for posting, and thank you to everyone who's reading this, upvoting, or visiting the site and signing up for early access.

    Our small team is pretty excited about Relay, and we're always interested in hearing what potential users think: where they see this fitting into current processes, where the biggest potential is for this, what problems they hope it will solve, etc.

    We'd love to see your honest thoughts in the comments. (Team size and structure details are good to know, too)

    Thank you for making our Friday! Kris

    Connect with us directly: mail@relayforfigma.com.

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    • Andrew Richardson, 13 days ago

      where they see this fitting into current processes, where the biggest potential is for this, what problems they hope it will solve, etc.

      I'd really like to see this automating Design System changes. Currently there's always a bit of a hurdle for designers to jump when handing off "simple" changes to Design Systems because development time for even small changes can be substantial.

      I'd like to see control of Typography and Color handed back to UI designers. The devs often don't really care about that stuff and it feels like busy work whenever a change is requested. It'd be great if designers could push these types of things to a repo where a dev just looks over it and makes sure nothing broke.

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      • Bob Newhart, 13 days ago

        Yes! This! All those nitpicky things that developers could care less about but drive us designers batty! I would love to be able control that production process and as Andrew mentioned just have it push to a repo where a dev can just bless it, build it, and ship it. Maybe even -as part of that process- open a pull request and notify the dev?

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        • David ThornDavid Thorn, 10 days ago

          What do you mean? Like a simplified style guide section of code to tweak where you set variables or define components?

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    • Daniel Golden, 13 days ago

      Np. I thought it was cool when Trevor told me about it and I was kind of surprised that nobody had posted it here yet. First tool of it's kind for Figma that I'm aware of. Kudos!

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    • Jon White, 11 days ago

      Love the Relay site design. Also stoked about the tool.

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  • Rami JamesRami James, 23 days ago

    I'm consistently frustrated that the workflow that I'm forced to use is stuck in the last decade. Ugh.

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  • Bob Newhart, 21 days ago

    Been waiting for something like this for a while now!!!

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    • Kris Morgan, 21 days ago

      Bob, thank you for weighing in! Where do you see Relay most improving your process?

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      • Bob Newhart, 21 days ago

        In my case, we have a "single" application that will be deployed across 2 platforms (iOS, and Android - think Spotify or Soundcloud or other apps like that - slight platform-specific UI differences but mostly the same assets).

        Would love to be able to make updates to these assets and automate the production steps of resizing/exporting to all the different appropriate platform resolutions. Just automating that production step alone would save several hours of work.

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  • Johan Ronsse, 20 days ago

    This is a great idea, can't wait to try it!

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  • Kip HolcombKip Holcomb, 23 days ago

    Does it export PDF? It's the preferred format for iOS assets.

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    • Matt Wolfe, 23 days ago

      It doesn't at this moment, but both extending Figma's output options and specifically supporting mobile presets are both on our roadmap. Great feedback!

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