• Eric BlattbergEric Blattberg, 1 year ago

    So many of these features seem wildly useful. But honestly, I'm probably most excited about exports respecting Sketch artboard order. The amount of times I've had to sit there and reorder 40 new screens...

    Well done!

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  • Account deleted 1 year ago

    Duplicating art boards, inconsistent values and random crashes. I wish you've ran a proper QA on the new version. And tbh, my boss doesn't cares that I like zeplin or not. He just wants the stuff done without hearing devs blaming designers of their blockers caused by their funky tools.

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  • Pelin Kenez, 1 year ago

    We’ve just released Zeplin 2.0, so excited! New features include components, renaming assets, full-size thumbnails in Dashboard.

    You can now export symbols from Sketch (the same way you would export an artboard) and they will be listed under the new Components tab of the project Styleguide. When you click a layer that’s inside a component you’ll quickly see the component name and a link that will take you to it.

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  • 李 大毛李 大毛, 1 year ago

    Too expensive

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  • Alexey SekachovAlexey Sekachov, 1 year ago

    Great work, guys! Posted on PH, if you don't mind https://www.producthunt.com/posts/zeplin-2-0

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  • Codin AndreiCodin Andrei, 1 year ago

    Can't want to test this tomorrow! Quick question for now:

    We currently have situations where the same component is used on two different screens, but in different forms because we always adjust the component's content through overrides.

    How is this situation treated inside Zeplin now? Do we end up having two different components in the project, having the same name but having the two variations of content?

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    • Pelin KenezPelin Kenez, 1 year ago

      Hey Codin! I believe that depends on the way the symbol is setup. Do you mind sharing an example of this symbol and the different forms you use it in to support@zeplin.io? I’d love to take a look at it!

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  • Andrei Urse, 1 year ago

    Please add sub-sections to sections!

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  • Alfred BeckmanAlfred Beckman, 1 year ago

    I often turn my screens into components so that I can design for multiple screen sizes at the same time (working on mobile app targeting low-end-markets with small screens). Another use case is to illustrate an overlay on top of another screen.

    With this update, all my screens will end up in the components section unless I make new copies for the sole purpose to export to Zeplin :(

    Anyone else experiences this? Any ideas on how to improve my workflow?

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  • Des DevDes Dev, 1 year ago

    This is an amazing update. Definitely going to help my design workflow hugely. Big applause to the Zeplin team!

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  • Rob GillRob Gill, 1 year ago

    Colour reordering! YESSS!

    Not sure why am I so happy about this, but I am. Thanks Zeplin!

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  • Account deleted 1 year ago

    I'm confused... where do you actually download 2.0?

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    • Richard BruskowskiRichard Bruskowski, 1 year ago

      There: zeplin.io

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      • Account deleted 1 year ago

        Are you absolutely sure?

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        • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 1 year ago

          Maybe "It's an ugly and poor UX crap" - and that's why you can't find where to download.

          "FB has designers? I doubt. It's an ugly and poor UX crap, always has been." - M. W. - Apr 07, 2018

          Never forget.

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  • Dennis Nuhn, 1 year ago

    If you rename an artboard within Sketch and sync it with Zeplin, Zeplin creates a duplicated component instead of updating the existing one. Thats a nightmare and a real deal breaker for our company!

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