• Robert Williams, almost 2 years ago

    Even the best cancelation process in the world won't have a huge effect on retention because the decision to cancel is only very rarely made inside the app in the first place.

    So focusing on gains you can get from screens inside the app miss the point.

    If I've decided to cancel the app after reviewing my finances, for example, there’s literally nothing you can say or do on a cancellation page to keep me around.

    So maybe that’s not the best place to try?

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    • Ryan Snowden, almost 2 years ago

      Some offer amazing discounts if its money related. I cancelled my Adobe subscription years ago and they counter-offered me AU$30/mo instead of AU$50 and 3 months free. It did make me consider keeping it.

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    • Alen Faljic, almost 2 years ago

      Hey Robert! Have you listened to the podcast? We discussed this point with Francois. It turns out that once you are in the process, it is indeed hard to change someone's mind but the way you treat them in this process can lead to them returning to the service. And it is not just about giving someone a discount.

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    • barry saundersbarry saunders, almost 2 years ago

      It depends if you're leaving due to a short term financial issue (eg money's short this month) or a permanent one. If I'm just short this month, a good cancelation experience that tells me that my account will be preserved for the future means I'm likely to come back. Whereas an experience that doesn't reassure me means I'm likely to never return.

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