Avocode 3.0 - First cross-platform design hand-off tool

over 3 years ago from , CEO & Co-founder at Avocode

Hello Community!

Last week we released Avocode 3.0 - the first cross-platform design hand-off tool. We've been receiving a lot of overwhelming feedback, so I thought I would share this update with this community as well.

So what's new?

  1. You no longer need design tools or plugins to import design Sketch, Photoshop, XD files. Just drag & drop them, open and inspect them to the Avocode desktop app on Windows, Linux, macOS, or in the browser at app.avocode.com.

  2. To make this possible, we had to develop a new universal design format (Octopus) with a representation for everything that can appear in Sketch, Photoshop, XD, or Figma design formats and a new rendering engine (Monroe) that would display all the design information properly. This technology is what makes Avocode different from other hand-off tools - developers no longer need design tools to access design files and designers don't have to prepare image assets at all.

  3. Additionally, we're introducing a new Light theme look, a multitude of performance improvements and design management and collaboration features such as Project subfolders, Private links, Import variables, or the Pixel checker tool.

You can learn more about Avocode 3 in our blog post. and don't forget to check out the video.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them in the comments. Thanks!


  • Artur Eldib, over 3 years ago

    Avocode is way more beautiful than Zeplin, and dont need to make layers exportable. I really dont understand why there are many more Zeplin users than Avocode's.

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    • Alex Hazel, over 3 years ago

      Because there is no free version of Avocode. They have a free trial that turns into a paid account. The free version of Zeplin allows you to have a free account and one free project for an infinite amount of time. I can guarantee that is the only reason it's more successful. Most people only need it for one thing at a time.

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  • Kemie GuaidaKemie Guaida, over 3 years ago

    I haven't had a chance to test out the latest version, but one of my major pain points in handing off Sketch files are nested symbols. In both Zeplin and Google Gallery devs have a hard time getting colors and properties from symbols with overridable symbols. How does Avocode deal with this?

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    • Vu Hoang Anh, over 3 years ago

      Hi Kemie! Can you elaborate a little more about the issue with nested symbols in Zeplin? Does Zeplin not show overrides of colors of an icon in a nested symbol for instance?

      For Avocode it's pretty straightforward. Since we parse the design file, we get access to all the data about each layer and we display all the properties correctly. When developers inspect a symbol in Avocode, all the layers are expanded as if they weren't a symbol.

      But there is an icon that tells the developer that this is a symbol and they can still access the original Symbol by opening it.

      And we will display always the original symbol.

      So with Avocode you get full access to everything. And you don't have to manually prepare exportables too.

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  • Johnnie Gomez AlzagaJohnnie Gomez Alzaga, over 3 years ago

    Oh boy! Things got serious!

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  • Marius Feraru, over 3 years ago

    Having tried both Zeplin and Avocode, I'm a bit surprised that there aren't a lot more people using Avo over Zeplin.

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