How to write a website brief - any advice and thoughts?

2 years ago from , Director / Univers Labs

I recently wrote an article on how to write a website brief : on Medium here, I reference a brief document we ask our clients to fill out at prior to doing a workshop (we also ask them to present more about their own organisation)

I wondered what this community thought on the process of writing a website brief - apart from having a workshop or meeting to discuss, what do you think are the most important things to ask, what is the right amount of information needed to get started?

Keen to get your thoughts.


  • Matthew Morek, 2 years ago

    In my approach to working with clients, I usually get them on a call or in a meeting room to discuss their current problems that I’d get hired to solve. During this conversation we’d touch on various aspects, their requirements, metrics, ROI, etc, and I will keep noting stuff down to distill it into a brief statement, that looks like this:

    From what you told me, it looks like you need to improve your internal communication and processes because they currently are in disarray and many people make mistakes which results in poor customer satisfaction ratings and reviews.

    This becomes a brief and from there we move on to pricing and agreeing on doing a discovery/diagnostic sessions to uncover the way to achieve what they need.

    During discovery we’ll usually come up with specifics and exact requirement, metrics and goals that will guide the rest, but the brief is usually very... brief.

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    • Louis EguchiLouis Eguchi, 2 years ago

      Thanks, Matthew, I think that's a much more simple way to do it. I generally overcomplicate things but this seems like a good bite size way to approach it.

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