Phase Magazine is live! Issue#1 - {The State Of Digital Design}

9 months ago from , Co-Founder @ Phase

Issue#1 - {The State Of Digital Design}

Hey guys! Phase Magazine is live! ;)

We want to help designers spend more time being creative. So we started Phase Mag to talk you with, fellow designers.

Issue#1 is all about the current state of digital design.

“We spend more time struggling with our numerous tools, than actually being creative. How do we rethink our Creative Process? Let’s search for the answers in the history of creativity, then pick up the pieces of our broken workflows and see how we can put it back together.“

Issue#2 is in the making now. Have ideas or want to contribute? ;) Let's chat - just email us at magazine at phase.com.

Yours, Vlad & Phase Team


  • Account deleted 9 months ago

    'We spend more time struggling with our numerous tools, than actually being creative. '

    I really really dont. I think the magazine is a cool idea and it looks really nice, but basing your topics off design forum hyperbole probably isnt a great idea for content.

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    • Andrew C, 9 months ago

      I too feel this way. The tools right now are better than they've ever been thanks to the extensibility of Sketch, and the advent of web technologies from the 2010's tech startup boom.

      I love being able to piece together my stack. The flexibility is such a benefit.

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  • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, 9 months ago

    BTW, Very pleased to saw and listen to Nick alive @dribbble meetup passed in Moscow recently! Congrats in issue #1 released

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  • Andrew C, 9 months ago

    I enjoyed this article. You hit on the fact that in the history of design everything from cars and furniture to architecture and posters had visual editors that work. Designers can use them to predict outcomes and make things with precision. Websites and apps are the only vertical that visual tools haven't hit the mark.

    Yet you never truly explore the rationale or reasons behind that—it's treated as a foregone conclusion that it's simply that our tools aren't good enough. But there is a lot to unpack there I feel this article doesn't do. There have been countless editors trying to crack this nut—why is it so hard? There must be unique challenges and barrier in the digital space going unacknowledged.

    Also, how DARE you rebrand party parrot for your explainer video.

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