• Emanuel S.Emanuel S., over 2 years ago

    RIP another great tool

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  • Steve Berry, over 2 years ago

    Everyone is so sour on this. Why?

    It is one of THE core services for the web. GitHub mainstreamed the concept of open source collaboration at scale. GitHub is still not profitable and needed a corporate sponsor.

    I am no Microsoft fan and use Apple products. All Microsoft's previous acquisitions were in a totally different tech environment from a different era.

    LinkedIn needs massive funds to dominate the "professional profile." The product sucks because you only need the biggest audience, not features. I detest LinkedIn as an experience but nothing is replacing it because you need more cash than LinkedIn to buy that audience.

    Skype acquisition at the time, was the only widely used and available video chat technology. By the time Microsoft figured out what was going on, there were hundreds of alternatives. So like any company that doesn't have a clear product vision + leader, they captured and locked in their current customers and corporate clients. Yeah, it sucks but it is more expensive for those customers to change...so again crap product.

    GitHub needs to stay in the exact space it holds now otherwise it will lose all its market share. There are a bunch of feature similar alternatives. The market requires MSFT to not fuck it up this time. That is why I believe GitHub will be just fine.

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