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  • Jason BlockJason Block, over 6 years ago

    I really, really wish that your work was front-and-center instead of your face.

    Also, I think a few more "case studies" would help get across your work rather than dribbble compositions.

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  • Joshua SortinoJoshua Sortino, over 6 years ago

    Different is not always better. This is one of the fundamental ideals that separates amateur designers from seasoned designers.

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    • C___ F_____C___ F_____, over 6 years ago

      I wouldn't consider myself a 'Seasoned Designer', but I agree with this 100%. The main reason that the same methods ares used over and over is because those methods are usually very effective.

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  • Andrew LucasAndrew Lucas, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    You say that 'My personality is what separates me from others', fair enough, but this is kind of an obvious point right? Everyone's personality is different. Are you saying that your personality separates you from others because it's better than everyone else's? Genuinely interested to hear your thoughts.


    My comment may sound harsh, it's not meant to be.

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    • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 6 years ago

      he's not saying personality makes someone better -- it makes someone stand out from the crowd.

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      • Andrew LucasAndrew Lucas, over 6 years ago

        I think, rather than declaring your personality 'separates you from others', it's better to show the reader that it does, in the way you talk about your work. All credit due, he does this with the line:

        'I don’t find myself defined by the work I’ve done. I define myself by the work I want to do.'

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  • Jeff UbelhorJeff Ubelhor, over 6 years ago

    I don't think a lot of people realize that this is a blog article, and are commenting on this as if it's just a submission of a personal site. I had no idea this was a blog and only accidentally scrolled down. This is a statement to the design of this page, that it's nearly unusable.

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  • Paul MacgregorPaul Macgregor, over 6 years ago

    Maybe for FT positions you would take the time to read a designers blog, get a feel for their personality. But, if I'm skimming through a set of 50 portfolios, making a short list, it's still the work I want to look at.

    And to that end, I want to see the work large, I want to see who it was for, what agency it was produced with and what your role in the project was.

    A series of out-of-context dribbble thumbnails linking to the same dribbble thumbnails tells me nothing about your ability beyond designing individual screens or UI components.

    I'm not calling you out specifically on that approach btw. I see it a lot.

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  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, over 6 years ago

    I really like it. Nice job! Design is content too, not only appearance.

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  • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, over 6 years ago

    Solid beard.

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