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  • Vipul. Mishra, almost 3 years ago

    Yo! DNers!!

    If you are using legacy tools (Screenshot + email) for collaborating feedback on your website development, you may be wasting hundreds of productive hours every week.

    With Visual inspector on-site integration, you can get 10x faster feedback collaboration on your website. It's as simple as collaborating with Google document.. :)

    Collaboration in Visual Inspector

    Here's how you re-claim your time & productivity:

    1. Get pixel-perfect feedback from stakeholders on website with Visual editor. No coding required.
    2. Annotate, discuss & resolve remotely. Faster decision making.
    3. Implement faster with auto-generated CSS

    Leading web development agencies use Visual Inspector to save upto $4,000 every month.

    Benefits of On-site integration: 1. Works on all major browsers - Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge. 2. Supports HTML, WordPress, React or any other framework 3. Integrates in 10-seconds or less

    Annnnd, there's also an special lifetime deal announcement for our awesome community - once we come to the top 3. So, upvote, share & love and stay tuned..


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