#5ThingsinFigma Challenge

4 days ago from , Freelance Designer

Recently started this design challenge for the month of May. The goal is to push Figma, a UI design tool, towards making realistic or skeuomorphic types of things.

I‘ve been posting daily over on Dribbble if you all want to check it out or join in on the challenge. https://dribbble.com/victorkernes


  • Andrew Richardson, 11 hours ago

    It'd be nice if more of these had links to the file so we can see how it was done.

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  • Marcel M., 1 day ago

    Hi Victor, I did a similar thing to challenge myself lately :D

    I went to MIT museum in Boston and got inspired by Mark I. All these buttons and switches. So I decided to make a "Tiny calulators" challenge (in Figma as well):


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    • , 10 minutes ago

      Whoah! Super cool, Marcel. It sweet that you’ve been making these in Figma. Are you posting on Dribbble as well? I’ll follow along :)

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