• Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 6 days ago

    Figma sure seems to get a decent amount of love on Designernews... I'm having a difficult time working out if it's all genuine.. This post has 33 upvotes at the time I'm writing this.. But only 8 comments.. some of which are clearly not a fan of this post.. I feel like every time I see anything about Figma posted, it's usually got a lot of upvotes, pushing it up to the top of the designernews feed.

    Is it just me that finds it strange? Perhaps I'm just overthinking it...

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    • Kamushken RomanKamushken Roman, 6 days ago

      yeah... suspecting are they cheaters?

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    • John PJohn P, 4 days ago

      Designer . News traffic is so low that it's extremely easy to game if you have more than 5 people in the same room.

      This is why we need downvote.

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    • Stan Marsh, 5 days ago

      I'm thinking the whole figma team is told about the post and then they come over to upvote this. At least that's what I'd do if I had a team that posted frequently on here.

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    • Katie MacoyKatie Macoy, 5 days ago

      I upvoted this as I'm a big fan of Figma (I have no affiliation with Figma). I don't often comment as it takes more thought and effort than upvoting.

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      • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 5 days ago

        So regardless of the content, you will upvote just because it's something from Figma? That's interesting. Not a bad thing, I don't want you to think I'm saying it's wrong - just interesting. To me, that says that Figma are doing a great job of creating product advocates...

        I think I probably feel the same about Framer JS... I love just about everything about what they do, so I guess I've upvoted things of theirs in the past that I didn't necessarily read into too much.

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        • Katie MacoyKatie Macoy, 4 days ago

          "So regardless of the content, you will upvote just because it's something from Figma?"

          Not what I was saying at all...I don't upvote anything Figma related solely because I'm a fan of Figma. Why does this community feel so hostile?

          For the past year I've been working on teams trying to figure out how to make a design system. I feel like we all have a lot to learn so any resources or input is good. I appreciate that Figma is thinking about this and hopefully optimising their software to support design systems. FWIW, I work on a team that exclusively uses Sketch (and a Sketch library as our design system) and while that experience isn't terrible, it also isn't great. I'm always hunting for better solutions. I don't have much loyalty to software, just whatever solves my problem the best at that moment.

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          • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 4 days ago

            Hostile? I thought I made a bit of an effort there to be as diplomatic and unoffencive as possible.

            When I read "I upvoted this as I'm a big fan of Figma"... I made the assumption that you did exactly that - upvoted because it was something from Figma.

            Perhaps the community feels hostile if you are reading things as though they are an attack towards you... I think it's best to assume people have good intentions, and remember that there is a lot of nuance lost when written in a comment online. I can only assume that if we were having this conversation in person, you might feel like it's a lot less hostile.

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  • John PJohn P, 5 days ago

    UI designers trying to pretend they do something other than UI design is starting to just get obtuse.

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  • Edvinas A., 5 days ago

    Content is not scrollable unless you hover with your mouse on the right sidebar. Also those links on the right sidebar looks just like read only statements and you need to figure out, that those are actually clickable.

    Guess designsystems.com need better design system :)

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  • Tait BrownTait Brown, 6 days ago

    Hmmm not sure if it's being a non-retina screen but Poppins has some odd artefacts. The oddly aligned circle inside the 'a' and 'g', the narrow flat bar 'e'.

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    • Corey WardCorey Ward, 10 minutes ago

      Definitely not your screen, Poppins is a bit of an odd bird at display sizes. It's very readable at smaller paragraph sizes, though, especially for a geometric sans face. Check out the specimen at Google Fonts.

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  • David ThornDavid Thorn, 6 days ago

    What are plans for future content types?

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    • Carmel DeAmicis, 4 days ago

      Hey David, when you say content types, what do you mean?

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      • David ThornDavid Thorn, 4 days ago

        I think I was just confused about the purpose of the site and expected something else.

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        • Perttu Talasniemi, 4 days ago

          I was expecting something more.

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          • Carmel DeAmicis, 1 day ago

            Would love more color on what you both were hoping for! We're going to continue releasing designsystems.com stories, and we can shape the direction based on feedback from the community about what would be helpful.

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  • Gio Vas, 6 days ago

    Wasn't this launched ages ago? Or was that just something similar?

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