Looking for a name for my company

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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering what was your process to find a name for your company. I have already tried several methods like using keywords.

Thanks for your tips !


  • Jack Selby, over 3 years ago

    I always start by browsing my book titles for some reason. Then I'll get distracted and start surfing - notcot.org is always a favorite. And after a while, a few things will gel together and I'll start scribbling potential names down on a piece of paper, no matter how silly they are.

    Later I transfer a few decent possibilities to a Word doc - if they look good in Calibri 11, chances are they'll work and look way better with a bit of design applied to them.

    The problem is that you could think of a very suitable name that relates directly to your business idea, but chances are the dot com domain is already taken. Then you could always look at spelling your desired name incorrectly and see how that turns out.

    It's always preferable to have a compelling brand story propping up your name too.

    I'll give you one that I've always thought was pretty good - "solution 44". Why? Catch 22 is an unsolvable problem - whichever option you choose, your'e screwed, right? So if your company can somehow solve/meet the problems/needs of your clients, you are essentially inverting the problem situation, and if you do that with full conviction, you are doubling down etc., so you could arrive at "solution 44".

    It's not a perfect brand story but hey, you have to do some of the work yourself...

    Let me know what you finally select! Good luck.

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    • Thibault Penin, over 3 years ago

      Thanks for your answer Jack! I appreciate that. I'm still looking for a name and I don't think I'm gonna find it really easily. BTW you use the same method as me ;)

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