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E-commerce website design - Best practices Designing Ecommerce websites is an important activity while developing ecommerce portals. This page follows up on my hub Top Ecommerce Website Builders Rating and Reviews during which I introduced readers to some of the ecommerce shopping cart software and rated it.

  1. Reveal the price in the beginning itself

Price is a important issue when the user considers a purchase. Online shoppers are using the service to save time. They would like to see the price as soon as possible and this helps them finalize the purchase quickly.

  1. Let the shoppers specify preferences

It is important to identify the kind of visitors to the site and allow the shoppers look for items based on factors such as age, gender, brand, color, price range, etc. It is a good idea to have a option in the website that allows shoppers to specify their preferences and choice when searching for items.

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  1. Allow shopping wish lists

Sometimes, online consumers may find what they want on your website, but not want to buy it immediately. If your site offers wish lists, they can add the item to their wish list that is maintained. When the customer is ready to buy the items, they can go back to their wish list and complete the transaction. This improves branding of you site.

  1. Do not ask customers to fill forms at checkout

It might not be a good idea to fill registration forms when they are placing their order. This might be a bad strategy. The process of completing the form can disengage customers from completing the transaction and you lose a sale.

  1. Make the buying process user-friendly

The security of transactions is a major concern for internet shoppers. Ask for least amount of information to complete the transaction. You should not lose the customer at this point because of a time taking process for completing the transaction.

  1. Make the website interactive

Give shoppers the option to participate in online quizzes and polls and involve the customer

  1. Fast loading time

The faster the website loads the better. A website that takes time to load not only loses shoppers, but also reflects badly on the branding of the site and quality of its products and services.

Web Design - Ecommerce website tips

This checklist of things Ecommerce website design and development starts with building an architecture to showcase products.

1) Product Page - Have a page for each product with its description features and deals for the same.

2) Product Category Pages - It is important to have category pages and a front page that highlights new products and great bargains announced.

3) Social media integration - Another key element of designing ecommerce website is to aim for social media integration. Integration with facebook, twitter and myspace are growing trends that need to kept in mind.

4) Navigation - Another important element of ecommerce website design is navigation - It is key that no matter where users are, they need to be able to find their way to a category page, the homepage, and a checkout page.

5) SiteMap and Search Functions - A search function within the website is also useful, although the growing trend is for ecommerce websites to get search results from Google using Google website search tools.

6) Reliable Pay System - In addition to providing custom payment solution, it is important to integrate with new canadian casinos , Paypal or Google checkout as a payment solution.

7) Usability - This is a key component of ecommerce website design and needs to be tested with various kinds of users while developing an ecommerce solution.

8) Optimization - Marketing success comes from two main activities - page optimization and quality incoming links are important so that the ecommerce site is visible in search engines.

9) Increase Your Sale Per Visitor by Cross Selling - Selling Other products that relates to your products will surely increase revenue. For example, if you sell body care products, perhaps if a customer purchased a skin-cream, it might be wise to also suggest a shampoo once the customer have added the skin-cream to their shopping cart.

10) Allow Checkout as a Guest - It is often important to provide an option to the user to checkout as a guest. Many sites only allow checkout after being a registered user. A great ecommerce website design should cover all the bases by seizing opportunity to sell your products at every chance with less hassle.

11) Give Customers piece of mind by publishing information that the site is protected by a credible company such as Verisign or GeoTrust. This is important and allows trust to be developed.

Your eCommerce website design solution has got to be both simple to use, and yet hide complexity, otherwise it's just going to be a source of frustration. Your client will not come back if your eCommerce website design solution is difficult to use.

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  • Anthony Vendeirinho, over 3 years ago

    Good tips Lisa,

    I wanted to complement your tips with these two important tips:

    1- Create a testimonial section/page for the previous buyers, (trust factor). Ideally, with photos or videos of them with the product. This makes the potential buyer trust more in your product/shop because they saw this is a real product the people love it.

    2- In case the eCommerce has tons of products. It will make the user confused about what to buy. ( --> Paradox of choice Having a section with select products or most popular products, they'll prefer those than the ones don't have any reviews or comments, in other words; they don't want to buy products they feel not sure if the others people will like or not.

    I created an article talking about the user behaviors, feel free to read it :)

    My Medium

    Keep going, Lisa :)

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