• Jake BarryJake Barry, 5 years ago

    ‘More Colorful’

    Oh dear.

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  • Peedu TuiskPeedu Tuisk, 5 years ago

    “The big challenge is: How do we get people into the electric world,”

    How about stopping making electric cars look eccentric and just make them be regular cars?

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    • Wouter RamakerWouter Ramaker, 5 years ago

      I think this was a very conscious decision. There was a radically new design language needed to reflect the paradigm shift that was happening. It was a way for the people who were ahead of the curve to show that they were. If the cars would have looked like every other model out there, there would have been very little incentive to buy a car that was less practical (smaller range, less points to 'refuel') but more expensive.

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      • Peedu TuiskPeedu Tuisk, 5 years ago

        Yep, I agree that it was a conscious decision, I also think it was the wrong one. Tesla made the right call when they started the process with creating the electric supercar first and targeting the benefits of an electric car: insane acceleration, quiet, etc, instead of just mitigating the downsides.

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  • Darrell HanleyDarrell Hanley, 5 years ago

    I do wonder about the claim about the brand being too German. Personally, I don't think it's the brand that's "too German", it's that the products themself are too boring and safe. The 2018 Jetta and Passat are about the most non-descript cars on the market. Granted, the 2019 Jetta looks a bit more aggressive and distinct than the prior model year, but then we start to see some disconnect from where the marketing people want—an approachable, friendly brand—and the more aggressive, tech heavy products VW's engineers and product people are actually making.

    We'll have to see where VW actually ends up landing, but I hope that the results will be less safe than their product lineup.

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    • Darren Treat, 5 years ago

      the products themself are too boring and safe

      This, Holy crap this. VW has absolutely become the low end Audi, each design more 'market trend' aggressive and edgy than the next.

      What VW needs is modern simplistic designs that flow and look classic, kill the trim pieces, drop the styling lines on the side. Use LED Headlight designs that flow and have curves and stop making knockoff Audi headlights.

      I look at the new Jetta and I only see an Audi meets Ford Taurus.

      Even the ID Buzz concept is comically aggressive.

      For a sadly good example of this, look at the Audi A7 and the Tesla Model S. I'm no Tesla lover, but the design is far less safe on the Model S and is instead a very flowy minimal take.

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  • Matt Lewis, 5 years ago

    The Colors

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