Whatever happened to Google's prototyping tool, Stage?

9 days ago from , Interaction Designer @ Odopod


They announced this tool years ago. I presumed that it was the result of Google's purchase of Pixate, which was one of my favorite prototyping tools for mocking up detailed interactions. I was hoping Google would be able to fund improvements to it and rerelease it, maybe with new branding.

Anyone know what has happened to it?


  • Harper Lieblich, 6 days ago

    Who would have thought that Google would loose interest in an entire product category just a few years after touting it as critical to their mission?

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  • Fredo Tan, 6 days ago

    ProtoPie, the ultimate replacement of Pixate.


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    • Andy Lee, 5 days ago

      Whoa, awesome! Thanks so much for this, I had no clue this existed!

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      • Fredo Tan, 4 days ago

        You're welcome! How do you like it? :)

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        • Andy Lee, 1 minute ago

          It's awesome!! It's everything Pixate was and more! Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I can't believe I hadn't heard of this before.

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    • adrian ioadrian io, 1 day ago

      In Pixate I was able to add code if I needed to - for more complex interactions or animations. I was also able to export some motion code to iOS. I can't see these features on the ProtoPie website.

      Do you know whether these features are available?

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 5 days ago

    I've been wondering this myself...

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  • Levin ~, 5 days ago

    A few years ago, they announced how they were working on two tools that somewhat coexisted: Stage and Gallery.

    If I had an inkling, Gallery may be the focus now as there has been huge competition in the field of interactive prototyping (which Stage seemed to solve for). Anyhow, I personally know they've been testing Gallery for over a few years because in Fall 2016, I did a user interview session with Google. In the session, they introduced the Gallery product and it seemed very far along. Who knows though!

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  • Fredo Tan, 2 days ago


    About how ProtoPie replaces Pixate.

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  • BoBo Yang, 6 days ago

    Few months ago, the landing page include a beta testing subscription link(Refer to a google form to signup), and then the link has been removed. It's weird.

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