What are the best courses for interaction design?

over 4 years ago from , Student @GobelinsParis

Hi guys!!

I'm currently finishing an internship in LA, and I'm really looking forward to my next step!

I'm a French student who really want to learn more about interaction design, specifically for installation/physical projects beyond websites. So I'm looking for a school, anywhere in the world, where I could find courses experimental-oriented, where I could learn some arduino, processing, or else, but also interface design, motion design, global art direction. A school where I could mix design and technique.

I'm applying to this amazing school in France, Les Gobelins, where they offer a course where half the class are developers and the other half are designers. I know some students there that work on installation projects, experimental websites, connected objects... so this school is my first choice (also free). But it's really hard to get in as it's the only french school offering this, and only 20 spots are available.

So I was wondering if anyone here would know any school that could offer this kind of program!

Thank you so much!