[Design Feedback Wanted] Be a Deletist

over 2 years ago from , Interaction Design Lead

Yesterday, I posted my first thing to Product Hunt and failed. It got a grand total of 2 upvotes :(

I've been a designer in large organisations for many years now which has been great but I've been missing out on the value that I see so many others get from side-projects so I wanted to start my own.

I designed a website that is heavily a content series of advice and guides on how to help people go about protecting themselves online, downloading their data and confidently deleting accounts.

I tried to follow the rules and not overly self-promote as I hoped something good would stand up of its own accord. I assume that what I've created actually isn't any good.

I spend my day job focusing on prototypes, MVPs and starting with user needs. I should really practice what I preach as I spent too many hours on this.


  • What works, what doesn't?
  • Is the raw UI too abstract? Should I have been more conservative? Does it matter?
  • I thought this was a topical subject. Am I trying to help solve a problem that doesn't exist?
  • What ways could I have prototyped or created an MVP for this specific thing faster that would have let me know I was on the wrong track sooner?