Is anyone using Invision Studio for production work?

11 months ago from , mike.cm

I'm wanting to try it out for a new project, but am a little scared to get too deep into it and wish I just designed it in Sketch. Anyone using it for production work?


  • Dino ParavandisDino Paravandis, 11 months ago

    Wanted to try it out but its still Mac only :( Figma is perfect for what we do but wanted to try the animation feature set.

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    • Nate vNate v, 11 months ago

      Figma is so dope

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      • Doug OrchardDoug Orchard, 11 months ago

        Getting on the Figma train!


        ok, i'm done for the night.Bring on the weekend.

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      • Michael RurkaMichael Rurka, 11 months ago

        Duuude, we just jumped on the Figma train (from sketch) this week and it's been no less than awesome. In many ways, it even feels better than Sketch, and the ability to share with your team is awesome. Managing your component library is so, so nice.

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    • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 11 months ago

      Thanks for the excitement Dino- we're working to get a Windows build out ASAP to you. We started with Mac first to target those core features for development but we'll open doors for Windows testing soon as well. Appreciate you hanging in there!

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  • Charles PattersonCharles Patterson, 10 months ago

    I use Studio for InVision Studio production work :D

    I’m Charles, a designer on the Studio design team. (Designer designing designs for designers)

    To give an update on a few themes here...

    Performance We have huge, huge updates to the overall performance of Studio. Our team have worked some engineering magic over the last week, the app feels buttery smooth with these updates that are in the upcoming releases. We work directly with people that have unperformant files and it’s been a massive help to our team, so thank you for sending them over to us.

    Bugs Where!? Find them. Kill them.

    Our team are churning through bugs and all of the feedback that we’re picking up from all of you fantastic people. We really are listening and paying close attention to everything you’re saying and experiencing. We’ve put our all into this product and it’s getting more and more polished by the minute thanks to everyone’s involvement in this early access period.

    Here’s to a solid v1 launch. Thank you all!

    I love you.

    My DM’s are forever open @charlespattson

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    • Emmanuel Kaska, 10 months ago

      I'm interested in using it for some production prototyping but I'm wondering if you guys have any resources to apply a sticky header on web. Similar to this: https://www.protopie.io/learn/

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      • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 10 months ago

        Hey Emmanuel- we have some tutorial resources coming very soon. Honestly we should have had more of these out already by now- sorry about that. And yes, to answer your question, you can do sticky header using our pinning function in Studio combined with setting an art board to scrollable. I did a quick and dirty GIF recording so you can check it out here:

        Sticky header

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    • John JacksonJohn Jackson, 9 months ago

      No better way to identify pain points, bugs, and needed features. ;D

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    • Michael SiglerMichael Sigler, 10 months ago

      Hi Charles. With the latest update I've been digging back into Studio and really enjoying it. I'm curious if you can give us a hint to how you plan to implement a style manager or if that will be handled some other way (like the DSM tool).

      I've been adopting my design system from Sketch to Studio and this is one of the hangups I encountered in my workflow.

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    • Olivier HeitzOlivier Heitz, 9 months ago

      Hi! I'm collecting the best resources to get started with InVision Studio and am sharing them with the world.

      Please help by submitting you own resource (that we can link to) or if you found something that could help others!



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  • Harper Lieblich, 10 months ago

    InVision Studio is in better shape than XD was when Adobe opened it to early access, but it's still not ready for production work.

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    • Justin Fraga, 10 months ago

      Agreed. Popped it open, played around for 10 mins, closed it back up.

      I know they're hyping the prototyping capabilities but the only thing I was really excited for was symbol states, which is disabled. SVG export is not supported, so I have no quick path to After Effects for Lottie animation. Not interested.

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  • Muhammad Shahzad, 10 months ago

    I dont think its a good idea to get started with IS for production since the application is still in production. For time being i am using Sketch. Adobe XD can also be a good alternative.

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  • John JacksonJohn Jackson, 11 months ago

    While they are definitely making progress on Studio, I would not yet recommend using it for production work. There are certainly some kinks that need to be worked out first. Don't design anything in Studio that you're not prepared to lose or redesign.

    I'm hoping it's ready for production work sometime this summer, though. :)

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    • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 11 months ago

      You're on the right track John- we're moving as quickly as possible here and targeting GA as quickly as possible. This is not a 'stick it in development mode for a year and slowly chip away at it' thing. Thx for your patience and would love to keep learning from you so we can keep prioritizing the right things on the roadmap.

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  • GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK, 10 months ago

    It would be very stupid to do so, considering how unusable it is at the moment. But, if you have a lot of internal patient, do it ;) it is just a tool, shitty so far, but only a tool. good luck mate!

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    • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 10 months ago

      Hey my friend- so sorry you feel this way! I'd really love the opportunity to chat with you and find out what exactly isn't passing the grade for you so we can make it better. During Early Access we have an incredible opportunity to shape and mold this into something we hope you can rely on and enjoy. Open door always for your feedback! Hit me at stephen[at]invisionapp.com if you're up for it- would love to dialogue more by voice if you're down!

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  • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, 11 months ago

    I am just curious about thoughts of InvisionApp team while reading all this unsatisfied comments. Of course, in case they are listening to their users...

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    • C W, 11 months ago

      To be fair, it's in early access mode. I've also seen them comment in similar DN threads and elsewhere. They are definitely listening.

      Invision employs some really good designers that definitely care about the community. This space is very competitive at the moment, which they certainly know. Listening to users is crucial to coming out on top.

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      • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 11 months ago

        Thanks CW- this means a bunch to myself and the team! Always an open door here- have been really enjoying chatting with folks and linking them into the team thats directly working on this. Working on a visual tool is definitely a tall order, especially when you consider how much of a designers day is spent in that tool. It can't just be 'passable' it has to be career-enhancing. The faster/easier you're able to accomplish what you need to in your day-to-day the more value is derived from that tool. Our promise here is to be absolutely relentless in pursuing that optimized state. Forever growing, learning, evolving to fit that workflow.

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    • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, 10 months ago

      Hey Kamushken- DEFINITELY listening here! I normally jump in quickly here but was traveling for all of yesterday- please forgive the delay here on my end. We're moving very quickly with Studio and continually prioritizing efforts based on user feedback and input during this Early Access phase.

      Not sure if you have access yet, but would love your feedback on our pace and level of delivery. In past few weeks there have been some significant additions including: timeline-based animation, enhanced scrolling content on art boards, looping controls, better vector handling, etc.

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      • barry saundersbarry saunders, 10 months ago

        I'm liking the responsive design support but I'm wondering if you plan to allow the ability to resize prototypes inside the invision website? Also, would be great to have the ability to do breakpoint-based reflow in prototypes. Percentage-based layouts are great for supporting multiple phone resolutions but less useful for designs that need to resize from desktop to mobile.

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      • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, 10 months ago

        I would, in only case of having Windows version, LOL ))

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    • Charles PattersonCharles Patterson, 10 months ago

      We are always listening... not in a creepy way. In a caring, it matters to us, kinda way <3

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  • Shane McCleeryShane McCleery, 11 months ago

    Nope, but I made a cool button that switches from green to grey.

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  • Christopher DavisChristopher Davis, 11 months ago

    Seeing as though I still can't figure out how to use it, no. Also, I can hardly see any of the icons because the contrast and font sizes are so small, so it takes like three times as long to do anything that I could do in Flinto or Framer.

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  • Doug OrchardDoug Orchard, 10 months ago

    Wait until not in early access. Don't forget the NDA the current form has.

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  • Michael Schultz, 10 months ago

    It feels like there are tons of core features missing. Sketch e.g. was already kinda bad at typography features, but Studio isn't even there yet. A lot of workflow enhancements are simply not there (I don't know how detailed I can go here, given the NDA) and some design choices seem not yet to support the claim to be the best design tool there is. I hope it's getting there, I've been fanboying since the first announcement ;-)

    However, it's not ready for productive use. I've been giving it a shot today again (after the update) and it felt like the Adobe XD previews: I want to do something, but the tools seem to be missing or just don't work as smooth as in Sketch or Figma (using both here). I know, it's early access... but I am pretty disappointed by everything else than the prototyping features. That's a core feature, sure... but if it takes me twice the time to build what I want to animate it just doesn't work out. Maybe the team can elaborate on something like typography, layout/grids etc. ...

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    • Jonas Köpfer, 8 months ago

      @Michael I have to agree! For instance, how are component level states not a thing yet? This is such a dealbreaker!

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  • Mo BaghdadiMo Baghdadi, 11 months ago

    Nope, I opened it for 5 minutes and I could just tell its not stable at all yet. Haven't opened it since. Maybe experiment with it but nothing else.

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  • Dan Winer, 11 months ago

    I echo the sentiment of the other people commenting here, I will use it just for fun projects or to prototype an interaction that is part of a larger sketch project.

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  • Trev MorrisTrev Morris, 11 months ago

    Nope. Cannot trust it in it's current state - far too unstable, have had a couple of crashes. Stick with your current flow and come back to it in a few months.

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  • Bert Hofmans, 10 months ago

    I'm testing it right now for a small internal project at November Five. I think there's great potential but at the moment it's lacking some essential and basic features which prevent me from using it for larger projects. Mostly because i can't keep track of text styles or the fact i'm struggling with the 'component' feature (='Symbols' in Sketch). Besides that it's also pretty buggy at times.

    Being the 'Most powerful screen design tool' is a pretty cool tagline but there's still some work to do to live up to that. Let's hope they do because i'm curious how this 'all-in-one design tool' thing will turn out and if it can really help us be more effective, save time and simplify handover to development.

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  • George Brown, 10 months ago

    nice jk mate

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  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 11 months ago

    Currently not. There is still much to do, workflow wise. Some Shortcuts are not working also no bool selection for now. Also no SVG export which is a no go. I wouldn't recommend to use it for production. It might be ready in a year, maybe more then a year...

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  • Goran Tomicic, 10 months ago

    Have in mind that Studio is still in early access and has to prove its worth. Also, I'm not sure how keen are design teams to switch their workflow (again) in the last few years.

    As long as this battle of design tools rages on, me (personally) and design team I'm currently a part of isn't really hyped much about any of the tools right now.

    Just waiting for the right one to emerge :)

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  • Stu Collett, 3 months ago

    Hey Dino,

    We are using Figma and Haiku combined and it’s amazing.

    Our studio was purely Sketch, Zeplin, After effects based, but now Figma & Haiku massively speed up our workflow.

    Both are way more friendly as you can get JSON, React code.

    Hope that helps!


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