Ask DN: What is your experience of buying and using health insurance as a freelancer?

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target audience for this question: US residents and citizens on DN who buy health insurance directly and not through being a full time employee

Every time I look for a health insurance plan in the open market equivalent to the one I get through my employer I am stunned by how much more expensive they are and how befuddling the buying experience is.

I'm trying to understand how the process works for an individual or a family to navigate the American insurance industry on their own and would love to hear what it's been like for you.

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  • Jason Resnick, 4 years ago

    Yes, this is something I'm struggling with myself for my family.

    Currently, we are still on the plan from my wife's full-time job through COBRA, but in about 8 months that will expire and we'll have to find something else.

    I'm certainly interested in knowing more.

    I see lots of people who do these health share plans, but not really sure exactly what they are. They seem to be more of a community health insurance where you sign up to generic health coverage but it isn't as much as you would get if you went with the conventional.

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