• Matt C, almost 5 years ago

    Interesting read. Couple things that stood out to me:

    • Do you consider a standalone portfolio a requirement? I personally don't see the need to maintain a site when something like behance is so much easier. I get the impression, however, that it's used as an early resume weeding criteria.
    1. Show less process, more design
    • The quote above surprises me a bit. I guess there's a happy medium somewhere. I am really terrible at documenting my process (who thinks to pull out their phone and take beautifully staged photos after an exhausting hour of whiteboarding?) which I know for sure has cut me out of consideration for some gigs in the past.
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    • Terrell GriffithTerrell Griffith, almost 5 years ago

      Show less process, more design

      Yeah, this one stuck out to me too. It's all relative, really.

      Understanding your process is something that Iā€™d rather learn more about during an interview with you.

      That's a bit of a catch-22. A lot of people will want to see your process in your portfolio. You might not even make it to the interview process to explain your workflow/process without initially showing that you have a process and an ability to explain your decisions. To some, your thought-process and thinking are just as important as your ability to make something visually beautiful. (This is dependent on what type of work you're doing, of course. If you're an illustrator, the final would probably be more important than the process.)

      At a minimum, put your final design at the beginning so I can choose whether or not I want to delve into your process.

      Yeah, this might be the happy medium.

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      • , almost 5 years ago

        I've seen far too many portfolios with pages and pages of text and wireframes, and it's really easy to get lost.

        It's important that designers are able to summarize and simplify (honestly that's a major part of), so when I see tons of process and the end result is buried, I get turned off.

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