How you work with copy and do handoffs?

2 years ago from , Illustrator and product/service designer - l.belcarski.com

When I work on a product (digital or not) copy is usually one of the most important parts, but I struggle a lot how to work with it efficiently.

I usually use a spreadsheet to map all the texts that will go into a product, then send them + visual design or wireframes for reference to a client, power writers, microcopy designers for feedback. The final copy is delivered via google spreadsheet. As you can imagine this process is usually long and tiring so I'm looking for some help/suggestion from you folks!

Some questions that I'm answers/suggestions looking for :)

  1. How you deliver the copy to a client? Is it a separate file or something else?
  2. How do you work with different versions of copy for the same element or page? How you deliver this to a client? Or get feedback on it?
  3. How do your copy review/feedback sessions look like?
  4. What programs do you use to work with the copy?
  5. Any tips for delivering the final copy to developers?
  6. What about microcopy? How to incorporate that into the whole process?

I know it's a lot of questions, but any info would be great. Many thanks in advance for your answers! :) Cheers