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Hi, my name is Ivan and I am developing a free image editor Photopea :) It works in a browser, opens Sketch, PSD, and converts Sketch to PSD.

There is one new feature, that I would like to share with you: converting raster graphics back to a vector shape. Have you ever found a nice PNG clipart and wished you had the original SVG?

Many people think, that they need a complex commercial software for it, which takes hours to learn. I wanted to provide a good, yet simple and fast solution right at Photopea.com:

  1. File - Open (to open your raster file)
  2. Image - Vectorize Bitmap (play with a slider, hit OK ...UI preview )
  3. File - Export - SVG / PDF

I think that today, my tool gives the best results out of all free vectorizers (better than Inkscape and all online tools). It can give better results than Adobe Illustrator. HERE you can open many PNGs and try to vectorize them.

I think my tool can save people a lot of time and money, but I don't know how to let designers / illustrators know about it. Could you give me any advice?


  • Marcel M., over 3 years ago

    I like the simplicity of the vectorizer but mentioned in an earlier photopea thread that the overall interface and onboarding really needs some ui/ux love. (we're on Designer News so I guess mentioning that is totally legit).


    • Slider becomes unresponsive on a simple black and white image (1600*1400px)
    • Any plans on "normalizing" the path curve? right now it looks like your vectorizer produces a lot of anchor points along the edges?

    Thoughts on your last sentence (advice):

    People vectorizing objects on a professional level would never stick to a free tool even if it's better than any paid software out there. So you'll reach people that vectorize images "from time to time" or maybe "once a year". It's hard for them to stick to photopea if vectorizing is the only need (they simply use 1% of your software).

    If you try to answer these questions you'll probably understand why it's hard to build a solid userbase for photopea vectorizer: What do you expect people to do? What is your ideal customer/user?

    Do they bookmark photopea and whenever they are inside illustrator/affinity they will remember that your vectorizer was a little better (spoiler: they won't) and head over to photopea?

    Does the Photoshop/Sketch/Figma user remember photopea whenever they are in need of a "raster to vector image"? Why would the want a vector image in their pixel based software (except icons but that's where they would probably vectorize manually and pixel perfect anyways)

    These are the questions I would ask myself if I was trying to understand my users and their way of using photopea :)

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  • Upendra k, over 3 years ago

    You can showcase it in producthunt.com (https://www.producthunt.com/) Usually, tech design folks visit this site frequently.

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    • Ivan Kutskir, over 3 years ago

      Thanks. Photopea has been on PH for many years: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/photopea . Sadly, if you search for "photopea" in the top search bar, you will find dozens of products, but not Photopea. I tried to ask them about it on Twitter, but nobody replied. Their rules regarding the post are very "strange" (you must know somebody from their team so they let you post a product, or you must ask them personally via email, so they may or may not get you enrolled).

      I don't think anybody uses ProductHunt as a good and unbiased source of news about new products nowadays.

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      • Den aolko, over 3 years ago

        I don't think anybody uses ProductHunt as a good and unbiased source of news about new products nowadays.

        How about making one?

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  • Anton B.Anton B., over 3 years ago

    I was actually using this tool instead of photoshop for quite a while. Can recommend for small edits most designers need. Probably the only viable alternative outside of gimp (which is a pain to use).

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  • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, over 3 years ago

    Killing it with that project, Ivan. Kudos and thanks for all your work. I just use illustrator's built in functionality and tweak the settings til it's good enough, but I'll give this a shot next time I need something vectorized.

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