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    .background-grey { background: #3abff0; }

    • this splits the sections up, currently there is a lot going on and this splits it up into two things, the form and the explaination image

    .social-buttons img { max-width: 30px; }

    These buttons are quite large, and they clash with the illustration. Your eye doesnt know where to look.


    remove padding

    now that the buttons are smaller there is too much room, remove the padding to make it a bit tighter and focused.

    • remove, not necessary. It's obvious that is a choice, you don't need to say it

    .is-size-4 { font-size: 1.1rem!important; }

    That text is unnecessarily large.

    Your input fields have doubling up information, you could probably remove them as you're saying the same thing twice.

    align your button with the form fields.

    even up the white div at the bottom and you're good to go:


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