Where to print our gear and merch?

5 years ago from , Design Director & Partner at aju.dk

We're looking to produce notebooks and other printed gear, but I am curious to who you'd all recommend for the best quality and possibilities.

I think we're going to do simple stuff as embossing our logo into the covers along with some simple textures.

Looking forward to hear some suggestions :)


  • Smile Studio, 5 years ago

    https://www.moo.com/ ;) top notch

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    • Mikael StaerMikael Staer, 5 years ago

      I've done quite a bit with Moo. Can highly recommend. Very good customer support too.

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  • Ana Serro, 5 years ago

    I'm not sure if you're willing to order internationally (seems like you're located in Denmark?) but I can vouch for Noted In Style for the notebooks at least. The company I was previously worked for has used them at least 2 times for different notebook designs and the quality was really good and the finish very sleek. They offer different notebook styles but I definitely recommend the Moleskine Volant or Cahier products for customization.

    Note: I'm not affiliated with NotedInStyle, just speaking from experience :)

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    • Kenneth Jensen, 5 years ago

      We are totally open to ordering from anywhere, if the quality is there.

      Thank you so much for the suggestions, it does look like a solid producer :)

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  • Mario MontoyaMario Montoya, 5 years ago

    Do you have a list of what else you need?

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  • Tony GinesTony Gines, 5 years ago

    You could always get some sweet Baron Fig ones https://www.baronfig.com/pages/custom-bulk

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