• Account deleted over 3 years ago

    I've been stalking those fellows since back then. They've done damn good progress with a team of just two.

    The dudes are not your stereotypical 'gradient' unicorn. They literally know what they're doing and approach trends as objective as they could. That's why they're not implementing 'framer js or react compatibility etc' right now.

    I really respect their approach to 'design'. Instead of producing flashy trend following zombie plugins/apps, they're focused on the roots what created the design ideology. Nowadays, you'd never see InVision or Framer have the capability talk about Josef Muller or Piaget on their articles. I cannot see any other design software designers (lol) as sophisticated as Ryan and Kevin. They are trying to create a design tool based on actual design solutions used for decades regardless of media limitations. Like Apple didn't invent on off button. It was mounted on our walls for years.

    Just an example, they have an official article says that why you SHOULDN'T use subform. Can you imagine Sketch posting such article? Not to mention they directly forward their users to Webflow if they're asking WYSIWYG editor. Webflow could be a potential competitor. Instead of competing with them (or copying), they're forcing them to create a new thing. Their language is direct and opposite of lying. This is a technical tool and their explanations are technical. It's much better and MEANINGFUL rather than writing 'best design tool in the galaxy' with an expensive slab serif webfont in 10em slapping me right in my face through my monitor.

    So. I am quite fed up with the trending rounded cornered shitty broken duplicates design software around now. And I hate it the industry standard is becoming relied on those sucky tools. People like Kevin and Ryan still gives me hope that solutions for problems still could be 'designed'.

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  • Matt CastilloMatt Castillo, over 3 years ago

    While I think this product is really neat, I think the marketing page copy could use some flavor.

    Subform is a visual tool that surfaces layout constraints at design-time in a useful and usable way—while still being true to the production medium.


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  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 3 years ago

    from what I see on this page, this looks like an actually appropriate tool for the web. There was an attempt to do something similar like this a few years ago, it was called blocks or something - I can't google it anymore though, wonder what happened to them.

    That being said, the name of it is really unlucky. Because when I see the word "subform", I immediately thought it had something to do with forms. I was really surprised to see a design tool behind it.

    Also what is it with people charging for betas now? This is literally the early access models from the gaming industry. I don't feel comfortable supporting something like that.

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  • Jackie Chui, over 3 years ago

    Is this similar to the grid layout feature in Figma?

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  • john Cooper, over 3 years ago

    $25 a month for a beta? No thanks! CC is $10 bucks a month if you play your cards right. Granted CC isnt the tool youd necessarily want to use but its a proven product.

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  • Artur MaklyarevskyArtur Maklyarevsky, over 3 years ago

    looks promising. Speaking of React.. what apps or plugins export sketch to react? and how solid are they?

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  • Anthony Short, over 3 years ago

    I thought they were going to make it export a React app and have the ability to connect GraphQL data sources and such. One step at a time. Definitely going to give this a try.

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  • David ThornDavid Thorn, over 3 years ago

    First time trying it out, couldn't use the Add Box feature like the "Getting Started" videos suggested.

    Apparently I'm either doing something wrong, or it's buggy.

    Hoping I don't have to trudge along to figure out the rest of the software.

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