Sketch/Principle Users: Do You Buy New Updates?

7 months ago from , UI/UX Designer at Up2Code

With the first year of my Sketch and Principle licenses coming to a close, I figured I'd ask DN if you guys renew your licenses for updates (or just stick to the version you land on at the end of your first year)?

It seems like Sketch 49's shortcomings would especially incentivize designers to buy updates if they've run out of time...


  • Eduardo Tello, 7 months ago

    I buy the year of updates every year for Sketch. Not for principle, I didn't see an update for it for while now.

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  • Noam Almosnino, 7 months ago

    I personally updated Sketch. The bug fixes around performance and new features were good. I wonder if in a year when it's even more stable if that will still be the case, but for now it's worth it to me.

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  • Ollie BarkerOllie Barker, 7 months ago

    Yes for Sketch. For Principle, I haven't in 6 months, mainly because I haven't really needed Principle in that time. If I need it for a new project I'd buy a new licence.

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