I've built a beautifully animated, and flexible, JavaScript file upload library

5 years ago from , Indie Product Developer

Hi everone, I'm Rik,

For the past year, I've been working on a file upload script called FilePond. I'm hoping to make my living off open source / commercial products, and this is my first try at that combination.

FilePond is now finally ready for launch, so this morning I put it out there.

If you've got any questions, feedback or critique, I'm happy to answer and receive!

You can find FilePond here => https://pqina.nl/filepond


  • Marcel van Werkhoven, 5 years ago

    Very nice, I noticed chunking is on the roadmap. When do you think that will be implemented?

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    • Rik Schennink, 5 years ago

      Thanks! I'm currently working on a jQuery and React wrapper. When that is done I'm looking at offering manual image editing capabilities, Chunk uploading is on the roadmap after those are done.

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  • Mikael StaerMikael Staer, 5 years ago

    I saw this on Spectrum a couple weeks ago. Great job!

    I built my own CMS several years ago and found a good plugin that has similar functionality, but it was a bit finnicky and I don't think it's still maintained. I would switch to this.

    Your roadmap mentions plugins, like image editing. How are you planning on implementing that? There is Glide (PHP). which is quite powerful and capable. Would you integrate with something like that?

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    • Rik Schennink, 5 years ago

      The plugins are mostly client-side, so the image editing will happen on the client and the resulting image will be pushed to the server. It currently can already do this with the resize, crop and transform plugins. It basically means loading additional tiny JavaScript files to enhance the core library.

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