• Sandro P, over 2 years ago

    Adobe Portfolio is mostly fine, but I can't use it until you offer a way to migrate a Portfolio from one account to the other. Last time I changed jobs (and Creative Cloud account) I pretty much just lost my Portfolio.

    In an industry where people change jobs frequently and don't necessarily have a personal Creative Cloud account — why would pay for a second subscription if my company offers me one? — it's dealbreaker not to offer a solution to this.

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    • Behance Team , over 2 years ago

      Hey! We actually do offer this and can help. Feel free to contact us directly at help.myportfolio.com

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      • Sandro P, over 2 years ago

        Hey, thanks for letting me know, I'm glad you have sorted this issue. I couldn't find an article about migrating portfolios, but have gotten in touch with the support team.

        Any chance they can recover a year-old portfolio?

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      • Sandro P, over 2 years ago

        Update on this: I was able to recover most of my Portfolio. A few assets and all custom styles were gone, but other than that it was a smooth migration.

        Kudos for introducing that functionality.

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