Hessian (hessian.tv)

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  • Kristy Tillman, over 8 years ago

    Hessian is a "brand in waiting" from Ben Pieratt, founder of Svpply. He's selling it for $18K. Thoughts on the idea of creating a pre-made brand?

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    • Jibran KutikJibran Kutik, over 8 years ago

      As an experiment or an art project, I'm intrigued. It's gorgeous work and a really great set of visual elements.

      Practically, however, I don't see this being a thing that makes any sense. A brand is far more than a collection of logos, t-shirt designs and app icons. This is like the epitome of design as decoration. Art for art's sake. I feel like you could almost go as far as defining this more as 'art' than as 'design,' if one would allow the distinction.

      That said, some desperate startup could get a great set of icons and buttons for a pretty good price, I wouldn't be surprised if he sells it.

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