Banking for creative freelancers

11 months ago from , CEO at Liquid

Hey guys,

We are working on a new bank for creative freelancers and we would love to share it with all of you: www.helloliquid.com

By freelancers for freelancers

Both of us, Victor and Cesar, have experience building other fin-tech and creative-oriented start-ups. Victor as lead developer at Bright Funds, and Cesar as CEO at Icebergs.

We've been working as freelancers for long periods of time in our career, and we understand the day to day struggle with finances that is working as a creative freelancer.

We've built Liquid to help other freelancers like us be free, have more time to spend on their craft and less worrying about money.

If you are still curious about why we are building Liquid, we wrote a post explaining all about it.

If you have any other question, shoot me an email at cesar@helloliquid.com