Adobe XD February Update

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Hi Everyone,

Another month into 2018 and another update! Following our January release which included support for popular 3rd party integrations, Dropbox previews for XD files, and significant performance improvements for large files, our latest update is here, delivering some of the top requested features from the community:

  • Bring in vector graphics from CC Libraries

  • Preserve scroll position for prototypes

  • Basic pen and touch support on Windows 10

To get the details on what’s new, check out the release post here . Also be sure to check out the latest features in action on AdobeLive starting today through Feb. 15 from 9 AM - 3 PM PDT!

We’d love to hear what you think about this update! Please leave questions, comments, or suggestions below.

Thank you, Kyle from the XD Team


  • Bruce Vang, over 3 years ago

    Preserve scroll position was a much needed feature. Thank you. A few more features like sticky footer and I can move full time to XD prototyping.

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    • Kyle Galle, over 3 years ago

      Thanks Bruce! The team was excited to deliver the feature this month. Fixed elements is on the roadmap. If you haven't already, I would upvote it here

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      • Perttu Talasniemi, over 3 years ago

        Fixed elements has almost 4k votes... how many do you need to actually do it? It is badly needed!

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        • Kyle Galle, over 3 years ago

          Hi Perttu, thank you for the feedback. By adding a voting on uservoice, the team can also share updates on the progress they're making on the feature with you.

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      • Emil Edeholt, over 3 years ago

        In spirit of this new more open development process on adobe could we get a rough estimate on when sticky elements will be available? Spring? Autumn?

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        • Kyle Galle, over 3 years ago

          Hi Emil, thank you for the note, fixed elements is a high priority for the team. We hope to have it available in early summer but this is an estimate and is subject to change.

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      • ezy shop, almost 3 years ago

        Settled components has very nearly 4k votes... what number of do you have to really do it? It is severely required! Ezy Shop

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  • Sophia Ethan, over 3 years ago

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