• adrian ioadrian io, 1 year ago

    Congrats for launching...

    Some 'first impressions' feedback and what I was thinking:

    • 'What's the difference between poster 1 and 2 - let me click on it to see a bigger version. Hmmm, not much bigger.'

    • 'Why are there only 2 posters that are almost alike?'

    • 'How big is this actually? Banana for scale?'

    So in summary, the thumbs are too small and both posters are very similar at that size and it's hard to make out the pattern even when you load the bigger version.

    I'd suggest to add bigger versions and also print them out for yourself, hang them on the wall and take pictures of it, so people can see how it's in real life- and have a reference object in the photo.

    And add more posters.

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    • César MigueláñezCésar Migueláñez, 1 year ago

      Hey Adrian, thanks for your feedback!

      I've pushed a small change to the images on the product page, now the zoom when you put your mouse over them makes them a bit larger.

      Regarding the two similar posters, my idea is to be adding more designs in the near future in batches of two, with some kind of similarity between the pairs.

      About the lack of scale, completely agree, I'll be taking real pictures as soon as I can.

      Thank you again for taking the time to put together such useful feedback :)

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  • César Migueláñez, 1 year ago

    Hi all,

    I've just launched Procedur.al, an art store based on the idea of generating unique artworks for every order via procedural algorithms. I'd love to know your feedback about it, let me know what you think!

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