• Artiom Dashinsky, 8 months ago

    Hey DN!

    I’m super excited to share my book with you today! It’s goal is to help designers prepare for job interviews, practice their skills beyond aesthetics and help companies improve their hiring process.

    I believe there is not enough resources for designers to prepare for job interviews (unlike engineers/PMs) and they often don’t know what to expect from the interview. In addition they usually over-focused on the visual skills and don't have tools to practice the "product" part of product design.

    I decided to share my experience of hiring designers and my first step was sharing the exercises we used for hiring at WeWork (https://blog.prototypr.io/product-design-exercises-we-use-at-wework-interviews-2ee1f5a57319). The feedback I received was great. After talking to both designers and employees I decided to write this book that will help designers to practice their skills, prepare for job interviews and eventually build better products.

    The book features short interviews with design leaders who worked and led design teams at companies like Apple, Google, Pinterest, Square, IDEO, GitHub etc.

    You can read more about the story behind the book here: https://productdesigninterview.com/story.html.

    Use this coupon code for a 15% discount for the digital copy — designernews.

    Thank you!

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  • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 8 months ago

    I think loading someone up with 150 pages of info would just confuse and imtimidate them before an interview. With pretty much everyone I've hired, they've gotten the job because of their portfolio.

    Just wanted to edit this to say I think you've still done a nice job and all that, it just seems like a bit of information overload.

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    • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 8 months ago

      I'm not sure you have understood what the intention of this book is.

      I'm reading it myself to expand on my understanding of product thinking, and product design interview processes from both sides. I've found interviewing to be about more than just a candidates portfolio - but each to their own I guess.

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      • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 8 months ago

        He wrote a book to help designers prepare for job interviews so I assumed the book would be about giving designers advice for interviewing for jobs

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    • Gabriel Sturk, 8 months ago

      The portfolio should make you interested, but I'm sure you take the designer's personality in mind as well?

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  • Keith Gill, 8 months ago

    Looks awesome! Attempting to apply the coupon code for the 15% discount...is the code = designernews

    That didn't seem to work for me. Thanks!

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  • Zim Ger, 8 months ago

    Oh, thanks, let's read something new. I hope.

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  • Ted McDonald, 8 months ago

    Great resource, just purchased

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  • Moty Weiss, 8 months ago

    Awesome! need to put my hands on it :)

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