• Crispo Colombo, 8 days ago

    I can read my email on a bar of soap? Awesome!

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  • Andrzej Tch., 8 days ago

    Worse than the original and unfinished, irregular spacing. Made quickly for fame, nothing interesting. Sorry

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    • Jonathan Li, 7 days ago

      Didn't someone wiser than you and I ever tell you if you don't have anything good to say, keep it to yourself?

      Sharing the work although isn't meant to garner positive applaud from everywhere, but where there is improvement point it out to the poster. Be specific about how this is worse than the original and unfinished.

      I myself think this is a good attempt at recreating the Gmail experience. It's a concept, so there will be areas of blue sky thinking. I'm not convinced by the tagging aspect for example but it is an interesting concept. Would need to be tested and validated really to see it's value, since email threads are a lot more passive than persistent chats for example; where being notified (ping'd) is a good feature to have.

      Anyway, I just couldn't resist myself I'm sorry.

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      • Andrzej Tch., 32 minutes ago

        Maybe I went too far to say that it was made "for fame" but my observations confirm this opinion. Yes I should keep this note for myself. But I think I needn't keep bad opinions about someone's work for myself (if he puts his work under evaluation).

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    • Interested Curious, 5 days ago

      I mean I don't like it, but it wasn't made for fame. Fun is allowed in design.

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  • Bob Leclercq, 8 days ago

    looks a lot like inbox! Good job tho!

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  • Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson, 8 days ago

    Omission of labels was problematic/convenient.

    Typographic choices seemed centered on single glance wow-factor and not usable and efficient type sizing/fonts for the use case.

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  • Ken M (No, not that one)Ken M (No, not that one), 8 days ago

    Not wild about the typography choice within a faux material design environment.

    (Google REALLY needs to address the typography issues in the GMail iOS app and it will be just fine. These are tiny fixes that are apparently too much work for them.)

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    • Matt C, 6 days ago

      Gmail lags behind the rest of Google on a lot of fronts. Gotta wonder if the Gmail team is "that team" within Google.

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  • Abhishek SureshAbhishek Suresh, 8 days ago

    Ha! Nice work Indhuja! So good to see your link on the front page! :D

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  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 8 days ago

    I want to stick with Inbox since I far prefer it over original Gmail, but sadly they don't seem to want to update the app for iPhone X or add any more features like emailing to contact groups from Google Contacts.

    Email is in a sad state today, and now I have to choose between a bunch of mostly identical looking Inbox/Mailbox clones.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 6 days ago

    tagging is interesting, but how would that work differently than just typing a name?

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    • Indhuja K, 6 days ago

      The point is to notify the person being marked/tagged which currently never happens.

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      • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 6 days ago

        right but aren't you notified because you're receiving an email? didn't see anything for handling "tag" notifications.

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        • Indhuja K, 6 days ago

          Tagging serves multiple cases. A few are- you can mute a thread and still be notified or you'd be notified that you're tagged, else you can skip taking an immediate action on the email.

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          • Spencer HoltawaySpencer Holtaway, 4 days ago

            can you filter the inbox by, for example "unread+tagged (mentioned)"? This is the main standout part of your project to me, something that makes e-mail one step more useful and blurs the line between e-mail and slack-like apps. I'd want to see it everywhere: "what is actually relevant to me our of all this noise?"

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  • Thiago DuarteThiago Duarte, 8 days ago

    How is Gmail the 2nd most used e-mail client if Android has more market share than iOS and Gmail is also on all platforms?

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  • Andrew C, 7 days ago

    I'm not really in to fancy "to do list" features in my mailboxes (sorry Inbox :( ). What I really love here is the mobile formatting options. Formatting on both Android and iOS is atrocious and something regularly done in structured emails.

    Neat stuff.

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  • Lucas DebelderLucas Debelder, 3 days ago

    Cool work, Indhuja K. I have some Dribbble invites left do u want one? obv.if ur not on it yet. ;)

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