• John PJohn P, 17 minutes ago

    Still waiting on Skala

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  • Andrew C, 1 day ago

    Is Phase real? All of its growth marketing is so over the top I have a hard time believing it's not a parody or prank. So much hype, and no actual screenshots or roadmap, etc.

    A <3 Letter to us designer is great. A screenshot, feature set (lets see this amazing opacity picker!) or proof your thing is in any way real would be more appreciated.

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    • Vlad Shvets, 1 day ago

      Hey Andrew! Vlad from Phase here. Phase is neither a parody nor a prank.

      Here's Wojtek's Dribbble shot from yesterday, featuring Phase UI wireframing: https://dribbble.com/shots/4217199-Phase-com-Timeline We also included a bunch of screens and materials in the previous Medium post: https://blog.prototypr.io/meet-phase-hi-3f395c695d87

      We are going to ship Phase 1.0 in the early summer of 2018 - and let everyone try it out ;) In the meanwhile we'll surely do our best to provide you with as many screens and sneak peeks as possible!

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      • Andrew C, 2 hours ago

        Cool — Didn't realize there was roughed out work on Dribbble. If you hit the mark with everything in the blog article... more power to ya.

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  • gsdg ghsfh, 1 day ago


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