Help!! Best tool to manage a content membership site with recurring payments?

over 3 years ago from , Designer, creator & illustrator

I've been running a successful membership site where we offer practice briefs and resources for designers for over 2 years now and due to growth, and bad support from our current payment system we need to upgrade big time.

The site www.briefbox.me has 25,000 free members and is monitized by offering pro and premium accounts (about 5% of our users are paid members) where designers can get access to more content and receive feedback and help from design mentors.

We've been using the following tools

Wordpress - which has been great for customisation of page templates etc but struggles little with page speed and obviously lacks support due to being open source

Paid Membership Pro plugin - for the restricting of content and syncing with gateways etc. Really struggled with this, the dashboard is limiting, and it hasn't been helpful to manage multiple users on different tiers across different gateways - things are getting messy.

Stripe - all round awesome

Paypal - absolute nightmare. UI to manage active subscriptions and recurring users looks straight out of 1995 and support is slow

I need, one awesome high spec tool to move too. Anyone got any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks DN