• Mathias MikkelsenMathias Mikkelsen, 8 months ago

    Hello everybody :) Mathias, founder of Timely here. When we released Timely a few years back we always described it as the time tracking app to end time tracking. The truth is that it wasn't quite there at the time.

    But now, with AI coming as far it has, we can finally actually able to deliver on that promise.

    It's been a long road here and I'm so happy to launch it. Please let us know what you think! :)

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  • Sven SapelsonSven Sapelson, 8 months ago

    What's wrong with starting time tracker as you start working and stopping when you stop working?

    Every taxi driver on earth is able to do it…

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    • Anda Somodea, 8 months ago

      Easier said then done. What if you're hungry and hurry out to lunch, but forget to stop the timer? Most people don't work well with timers.

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    • Mathias MikkelsenMathias Mikkelsen, 8 months ago

      Hehe, for taxi drivers that might work. But for a digital designer working on multiple projects in a day, that won't cut it. One error and it all falls apart :)

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    • , 8 months ago

      If that works for you, you surely don't need this! In my experience timers are doomed to fail, due to the fact that it's so easy to forget to start or stop them.

      However, if you're like me and just want to do interesting work, and not think about timesheets, then Timely & Memory AI is what you want!

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    • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, 8 months ago

      I suck at keeping track of my time. And I like to flip between projects (probably not the best idea). I like the idea of something monitoring my app usage and providing some data so I can figure out how much time I spent exactly on a specific project.

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  • Linton Ye, 8 months ago

    How does the monitoring work? Does it take screenshots and send it to the server? Or perhaps monitors the website you have visited etc?

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    • , 7 months ago

      No, there's no screenshots taken. The tracker application runs live on your macOS/Windows installation and looks at your active windows and gets metadata from them (like website URLs, document titles and file paths).

      The AI then uses this raw data to predict what projects/clients you were working on/for.

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    • Mathias MikkelsenMathias Mikkelsen, 7 months ago

      It varies a little bit depending on what you connect. GPS location, google calendar, gmail, etc just all connect normally and push to our server when they have data.

      For tracking files, websites, apps, etc from your computer we have a tracker that runs in the background. It never takes a screenshot or knows the actual content of what you're doing. All it knows is the filepath, domain, document name, window title, etc.

      Everything we need to figure out what you spend time working on, but nothing that we don't need (e.g. the actual content).

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