• Igor Stumberger, 2 years ago

    Hey Meta

    Hey friends,

    I'd like to introduce my recent web project, Hey Meta [party popper emoji]

    I basically made this because I didn't find a tool (other than Facebook Developer Tools and Twitter Card Validator), that would show me how my website would look like after I've shared it to social media and searching for it on Google. While there were some tools that would show me the meta tags from my website, I needed something visual and a way to see changes in real time

    There's still stuff I need to work on (and fix), but I wanted to put it out there for you to use. Let me know if you find any issues or if you found it useful to you [smile emoji]

    Also, I've put it on Product Hunt, so an upvote would be appreciated [wink emoji]

    Cheers, Igor [peace emoji]

    p.s.: Still no emoji support in the comments?

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    • Mike A.Mike A., 2 years ago

      Hey, nice tool. How should one edit social card preview when there's no preview image?

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      • Igor Stumberger, 2 years ago

        Hey Mike!

        I hope I got your question correctly... The card is not directly editable, however, you can edit everything if you scroll down a bit and change the values in the textboxes. So in your case, you would have to put the url for the image in the image textbox, and the website will prompt you if you want to update the social card preview at the top :)

        Let me know if you still have any issues that I can help you with :)

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    • Mike AbbotMike Abbot, 2 years ago

      Great Job dude! Will come in handy!

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  • James Mikrut, 2 years ago

    Hi Igor, this could come in helpful but I would suggest looking into how you can support single-page apps i.e. sites built with React, Angular, Vue, etc.

    Right now your scraper only fetches meta tags rendered by the server - and the times - they are a changin'!

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    • Igor Stumberger, 2 years ago

      Good point James! Will definitely look into it! And thanks :)

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    • Tait BrownTait Brown, 2 years ago

      Yep, can confirm. We use prerender.io to bring support for our pages at acloud.guru. They work in Facebook/Slack/iMessage etc, but not in this tool.

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  • David ThornDavid Thorn, 2 years ago

    Looks good.

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  • Barbara MurausBarbara Muraus, 2 years ago

    Neat & simple! Looking forward to the upgrades :)

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