How do YOU save and organize YOUR links to websites, articles, resources, tools, etc.?

9 months ago from , Product Designer

Over the years, I've been bookmarking articles, links, resources, etc., and organizing them in folders in Chrome (or as bookmarks in Medium). I like it because even though they're different types of media, all the links are in the same place, organized by subject... But It's getting to be a lot.

How do YOU save (or bookmark) and organize (with other software, folders, categories, tags, etc.) YOUR links to websites, articles, resources, tools, etc.?

Looking to be even more efficient and organized for 2018. Maybe you do too.

EDIT: Looping back here to say that I've signed up for Raindrop Pro. Went with Pro because I need to have clean org'n (a tad OCD) and wanted the nested folders... I'm using it for a new project's research so we'll see how that goes!


  • iterati designiterati design, 9 months ago

    Raindrop: folders + tags.

    Though it's slightly broken after High Sierra release.

    UPD: Since this is getting a lot of ups, I need to clarify that Raindrop is promising, but broken. Safari plug-in doesn't work properly, tagging UX is a joke, etc. I hope they fix it.

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    • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, 9 months ago

      I also switched to Raindrop. Used Pinboard before that, but could never get used to its disgusting UI or it's strange UX in terms of tags.

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    • Lee Campbell, 9 months ago

      +1 to Raindrop

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    • Jesse DobbelaereJesse Dobbelaere, 9 months ago

      Raindrop +1 for organizing. But most of the times I dump links in Pocket and never actually open them...

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    • Roberto Brambila, 9 months ago

      While the Ui looks promising, I'm still skeptical. I'll try it for the next month or so and report back... I'm spread across so many services (Instapaper, Google Note, Pinterest, Pocket), it's ridiculous.I'd love to find the "definite" app.

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    • Myriam C.Myriam C., 9 months ago

      I use Raindrop since a year or more now and I agree, that's the best for me. It's a really great tool, and since you can organize really well I use it both for personal and pro links.

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    • Kris Burger, 9 months ago

      Went with Raindrop Pro too... I'm using it for a new project's research so we'll see how that goes! Also, I just read through the feature requests and hope the IFTTT integration comes through soon!

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  • Tyler DeitzTyler Deitz, 9 months ago

    I use and love https://www.are.na/

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  • Steve OrchoskySteve Orchosky, 9 months ago

    Bookmarks on Google Chrome - folders in folders in folders

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  • Kirill ZakharovKirill Zakharov, 9 months ago


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    • Mick NMick N, 9 months ago


      Bookmarks & bookmark folders.

      In the past I attempted to use specific tools or services like pocket, pinterest etc… but in the end what I've found has worked best is actually using bookmarks correctly. Now if I need to quickly find a helpful article of jump in to a number of my dev sites/login pages I just open up the bookmark tool bar and jump in to where I need to go.

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      • , 9 months ago

        For sure, I'll def be using bookmarks for specific links... But, in general, I found that the important links were getting lost in a labyrinth of folders.

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        • Mick NMick N, 9 months ago

          I know what you mean. I'm constantly updating my methods to help combat that.

          Here's an example of how I try to organise stuff:


          Project specific links get dropped in project specific folders which I've found super handy.

          (BTW I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve this even further)

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  • Dominik SerafinDominik Serafin, 9 months ago

    I've built GGather.com specifically for that.

    It also allows to have public pages, like mine where I've lots of resources, freebies, articles, etc. saved around various topics/tags. GGather.com/dominik

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  • Nathan NormanNathan Norman, 9 months ago

    Raindrop FTW! It is a tad buggy but free. Works great 90% of the time.

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  • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, 9 months ago

    Right now I'm using Toby Tabs extension for Chrome.

    It's great, but I feel like it's not the perfect solution. I probably have thousands of links in Toby Tabs, and unfortunately it's really laggy now for some views. Makes it hard to use.

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  • Stefanie Viens, 9 months ago

    Bookmarks (in folders) for resources and tools, and Wallabag for 'Read it later' type articles I want to save. The UI isn't the sexiest, but I like that it's open source and you can self-host it if you want.

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  • Renee PRenee P, 9 months ago

    Papaly does the trick

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  • Margot GabelMargot Gabel, 9 months ago

    Hypershoot is perfect for this! Instead of having a simple thumbnail like Google Chrome Bookmarks it will screenshot the entire page in mobile, tablet and desktop size. Super useful if you have a visual memory! I usually remember the layout of a website instead of its URL.. so Hypershoot helps me a lot on this. You can sort everything thanks to folders, and go further with tags and ratings if you want to.

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    • Stan Marsh, 9 months ago

      This is one of the reasons I think edge is great. It has an expanding preview window for all your bookmarks. The ability to tuck away your entire tabs with a single button is delicious as well.

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  • Richard SisonRichard Sison, 9 months ago

    I use Dropmark for visual bookmarks (i.e. screenshots and gifs of websites, design patterns or interesting UI) and Pinboard for articles I've actually "read" (they make their way there from my ever-growing read-it-later list on Pocket. I'll also use it for websites I want to refer to later (i.e. Agency websites, checklist websites or things like that). I also think Pinboard looks terrible, I use Spillo (Mac only).

    Hope that helps!

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  • Marcel van Werkhoven, 9 months ago

    I use Notion as a sort of Wiki for things at work. Other than that I just rely on the archives of others such as Awwwards, Codrops and such. I remember keeping all sorts of things in the past but I quickly discovered that web design moves so fast that by the time you forgot something and look it back up, it has been replaced by something new.

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  • Daniel KlopperDaniel Klopper, 9 months ago

    Things 3 and Bookmarks

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  • Arvind Lakhani, 9 months ago

    Pocket, Google Keep and Bookmarks

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  • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, 9 months ago

    I don't organise much. I stick some stuff into my bookmarks, but I tend to not use them - other than the ones on my bookmarks bar that I use daily.

    Probably because Google can find those websites/articles just as easily for me.

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  • Jffry VskJffry Vsk, 9 months ago

    I used to used Dragdis but something isn't right there anymore. Zoho Notebook is really good and they are listening to comments.

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  • barry saundersbarry saunders, 9 months ago

    I gave up using Pinboard / Delicious etc after I realised I was spending more time organising bookmarks than I was actually learning.

    These days my process is -

    save bookmark into Pocket

    if interesting: read the article

    if useful: make note of what I learned

    if a tool I want to use: bookmark in chrome

    anything else: archive it

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