• Luca Candela, 1 year ago

    Yeah but the real question is should neural networks learn how to code?

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    • Nye YarringtonNye Yarrington, 12 months ago

      Automatic programming is really about productivity and not automation / job replacement - the tech is applied to automatic generation of unit tests, for example, which augment human coding.

      My question is whether automatic programming for an InVision based comp would be valuable to users like you? Would you pay for this if it was a paid plug-in/upgrade to InVision? Or, if this was a service that allowed design studios to more confidently submit bids to clients for app development, would that be valuable?

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  • Nye YarringtonNye Yarrington, 1 year ago

    Any interest in having something like this for InVision for mobile app code development?

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