• Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, 11 days ago

    This. Is. Amazing! Can't wait to try it :)

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  • Sacha GreifSacha Greif, 11 days ago

    Design and make font*s* directly in Sketch

    It's a shame to ruin your only chance at a first impression with bad grammar. It looks like you put a lot of work into the product, so I think it'd be worth it to hire an editor on Upwork to review your homepage's copy :)

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    • , 11 days ago

      Thank you for pointing the grammar issue.

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    • George Brown, 7 days ago

      nothing is ruined bud. that's just a mistake everyone can do. which makes us all human. download the plugin and start learning it. this is going to be a big disruptive move to the dust covered font scene.

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  • Kevin Marc, 11 days ago

    It's a great plugin! And does FontRapid support kerning pairs or ligatures?

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  • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, 11 days ago

    this is pretty cool! for some simple fonts, i think a lot of people could get some milage out of this. it's free, basic, the workflow seems easy to understand and features are kept intentionally bare bones. font tools in general are ripe for democratization IMO, i can definitely see a use case here for e,g, making super quick/dirty icon fonts.

    but man... drawing glyphs in sketch? i wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. the drawing and vector editing tools in sketch make me nauseous. for a slightly better experience, there's a plugin for illustrator that does kinda the same thing ( https://www.fontself.com ) ...

    but i'm gonna be a shill for a moment and just say if you're reading this and you want to make a font, even a basic one that you dont wanna kern or whatever, just go get Glyphs Mini. in fact if you like drawing vectors at all, go get the Glyphs or new Fontlab VI trials... the pen tool in actual font software is dramatically more powerful than anything i've experienced in sketch/adobe/affinity/etc.

    sorry for the tangent i just wanted to share that

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    • Sebastian GrazSebastian Graz, 11 days ago

      Yep, couldn't agree more. I don't think it's a good idea to coerce two very different design disciplines into the same software. Sketch lacks super basic typeface design tools. But perhaps for font icons this could work quite well.

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      • Julian H, 10 days ago

        Yeah, that's what I thought! Building icon fonts with it might be a good use case.

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  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 10 days ago

    What is this - a tool with actual value. What is happening. Why is this free, I'll gladly pay you.

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  • Steven CavinsSteven Cavins, 10 days ago

    Hey William, did you hear that we will pay $8 to invert Sketch?

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  • David Braint, 11 days ago

    It's cool! Just run with it.

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  • Paweł Rosner, 10 days ago

    I can't see any potential for using it in serious, professional projects. Let check for example professional software like https://glyphsapp.com/ and read some articles about font designing to understand how it is complex, hard and demanding. This plugin can be use only for fun and maybe for creating icon fonts.

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  • George Brown, 7 days ago

    Someone sells just a #00000 for 8 bucks and calls itself a designer and another one gives away a complete actual tool for free. Are you aware that you just created AND giving it away for free something revolutionary?

    I love you.

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  • Jim Kidwell, 7 days ago

    Interesting diversion. Not sure if there are many practical professional applications with font development though.

    I'd recommend checking out http://www.fontlab.com or https://glyphsapp.com/ if you really want to get into the font creation game.

    It takes a lot of skill and time to create a font worth using in a professional setting.

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  • Ellen A, 6 days ago

    I'm really excited about this but for some reason I cannot figure out how to start using it, and after a bit of searching I can't find any how-tos or basic instructions.. I can't seem to import a glyph to start editing.

    Has anyone else had more luck?

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